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(Interviewed by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency)

    “The success of development and initial manufacturing of the catcher depends on research fellows’ specialties in different fields. Thanks to their efforts, this new product has been successfully presented to the public and patented to meet military and civil needs”, said Colonel Chiang, Chi-Hsien, who currently works for Manufacturing Center Plant 205, Armaments Bureau and have served as the investigator of multifunctional catcher development project. Colonel Chiang thought that the birth of every new device depended on the research team’s continuous tryouts and efforts. He indicated that the new catcher is a self-invented quality product which integrates flashlight, defibrillator, and the net catching function based on the concern for practicability. Upholding the idea that “technology always comes from human nature”, he emphasized that the universal use of the military and civilians was a crucial element in the process of development. It is this potential need that the research team refers to and comes up with the idea of the catcher. With joint efforts of all team members, the product is finally presented to the public.

    “In the process of development of the multifunctional catcher, we particularly focus on safety and reliability. Thus, we use high-pressure gas generated from air movement as the power source of net catching function instead of gunpowder”, said one member of the research team Lieutenant Tsai, Chu-Jing. Thanks to the manufacture of rescue rockets, Plant 205 has mature skills in pneumatic technology. This time, the research team integrated the functions of electric shock and illumination, making the product swiftly receiving great recognition from users due to simple operation and high practicability. Lieutenant Tsai further explained that the plant has continuously advanced manufacturing technologies for a long time. The overall design of the catcher was completed in the plant. “3D printing technology” was even introduced to significantly reduce the development time and effectively save labors and energy consumption. In addition, other divisions of the plant also provided technical supports, bringing a quality and efficient progress of development and showcasing the strong strength and capacity of Plant 205 for research and development.