Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Matsu, November 22th)

    With the strike of northeast monsoon, the weather in Matsu is fiercely chilly. Regardless of the weather, soldiers from Matsu Defense Command stayed energetic and engaged in the combat training diligently as scheduled to lay a solid foundation on national defense. Taking the model team Infantry Company from Nangang Garrison Brigade this year, the team held a high coherence and maintained high morale when facing various operating tasks and completed combat training using skilled tactical actions. For example, in the exercise of aircraft anti-landing, when the preparedness platoon received the order, soldiers acted out in the shortest time and suppressed the enemy by superior firepower upon arriving at the target location, demonstrating the frontline soldiers’ capacity and resolution to safeguard the national territory.

    Commander Major Kao said that the unit assumed the responsibility for the protection of offshore areas, so soldiers must stay at the post and strive for military training, so as to provide the peace and stability for the country. To achieve this goal, the unit included various simulation exercises in the combat training. Through repeated exercises, soldiers could master the gist, improve mutual understanding, and exert fighting forces at critical moments. In addition, Commander Kao further indicated that soldiers fulfilled the daily maintenance of vehicles and weapons. In addition, soldiers were trained through a recommended training system and required to strengthen their physical capacity in response to the overall preparedness at defense zones, and enhance the stronghold garrison for the protection of northern territory.