Defense News


(Written by Reporter Ling, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taitung, November 19th)

    Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Pu, Tse-Chun led “High-level Cadre Recruitment Team” to visit Yu-Jen High School today and encourage students to join the army. In the morning, Executive Pu visited the principal of Yu-Jen High School Huang, Yen-Ming on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao to thank the school for supporting the national defense and encouraging students to join the army and elaborate the current status and goal of voluntary military service, hoping that teachers will encourage students in Taitung to select the army as the best career path.

    “After the military fully promoted the voluntary military service, the effect this year exceeds our expectation. The military hopes that you grasp this opportunity to join the army and fulfill your dreams”, said Executive Pu in the seminar at Yu-Jen High School. With the guideline of “remuneration, dignity, and employment”, Ministry of National Defense makes “military service” the best choice for individuals, the armed forces, and the country. Executive Pu hoped that students apply for the military school based on their career plans after graduation to develop a different life.

    In the performances, inflatable dolls of the army, navy, and air forces vividly danced with cartoon songs and pop music. Teachers and students moved with the tempo or beat time by hands or feet. The entire campus was full of joy. Next, the indigenous dance club from Taitung Area Command in traditional clothes sang ballads and danced to interpret banquets, weddings, and commemorations of men joining the army, winning the audience applause. In addition, the school also invited the military talent recruitment unit to set up a booth and provide consultation for students.