Defense News


(Written by Reporter Kuo, Chia-Liang from Military News Agency, Tainan, November 16th)

    Under Secretary of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Hsin-Long accompanied the convener Huang, Wei-Che from Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan and other members to inspect the relocation construction of Army Missile and Artillery Training Command, understand the constructional planning and progress of camp, training fields, and access roads, and exchange opinions. Accompanied by Under Secretary Wang, Legislator Huang, Wei-Che, Chen, Tong-Shan, and Chou, Ni-An visited the Tangshan camp at Guanmiao District, Tainan in the morning to listen to project briefing and understand the construction of buildings, water conservation, access roads, and training fields, hoping to complete the construction as scheduled under the joint effort of Ministry of National Defense and Tainan City Government. By doing so, soldiers will have new facilities and training fields to improve the military forces. In addition, the relocation of the camp will drive economic prosperity and local development around Guanmiao District, Tainan.

    Legislators also reminded Ministry of National Defense that the ruins of “Niu Chou Hou” inside the construction site are under evaluation of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government that it should deal with the ruins appropriately to make efforts to the cultural and historical conservation. In addition, from the construction period to the inauguration of camp, training fields, and the shooting range, the military should continuously fulfill civil affairs around the neighborhood through full communication and negotiation and obtain citizens’ recognition and support. Under Secretary Wang emphasized that the safety of relocation construction should be held as the top priority. In addition, the quality of construction should also be paid attention to. Under the sound supervision, the military should ensure the success of every project. Wang especially thanked legislators on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao for their concerns about the national defense and indicated that the military would take their recommendations into account and make the construction more complete.