Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Chung-Hsuan from Military News Agency, Keelung, November 12th)

    Ministry of National Defense Held the “Mental Health Promotion Activity” at the North Wudu camp of Army Guandu Command today. More than 100 soldiers participated in vivid and inspiring group activities under the guidance of instructors from North Mental Health Center. Soldiers developed positive energy and learned the importance of positive thinking and healthy communication.

 The serial activities were held based on the theme of “LOHAS and Healthy Life”. In addition to promotion of mental health, instructors also teach soldiers how to build a positive outlook on life. In the “Cross Lock” activity held in the morning, instructors taught soldiers how to think out of traditional frames and change their thoughts and encouraged them to “stay calm and think from another perspective”, so as to solve problems in their lives.

 Later in the group competition “Frontline Rescue”, soldiers worked together to flop covered cards and pass the challenge. In the game, soldiers learned to listen and communication and fully realized that “cognitive differences would cause misunderstanding” and that a good interaction was built on full communication. In the idea sharing session, instructors recognized soldiers’ personality traits and encouraged them to “identify themselves and care for others”, so as to face future challenges with an attitude toward positive thinking.