Defense News


(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, November 11th)

    Central Mental Health Center, Ministry of National Defense held a “Mental Health Promotion Activity” today at Military Police 203 Command. Based on the theme of “LOHAS Life and Health Mind”, the activity guided soldiers through a series of dynamic and static courses to have a positive and LOHAS attitude toward life, strengthen the positive capacity of the military, and create a premium working environment. In courses, instructors led soldiers through “Captain Hook”, “You are my eyes”, and “Crossword” to build an environment of “communication”, making soldiers understand that a good way of communication is to listen carefully and give feedback on a two-way basis.  

    In the course of “Cross Lock”, instructors taught officers how to change their thoughts and cultivate a positive attitude when facing difficulties, and further find right solutions. At the end of activity, officers learned deeply from counseling by sharing their ideas. After the activity ended, Director of Political Warfare of Military Police 203 Command Colonel Liao especially awarded the certificate of appreciation to thank instructors for their efforts to teach a simple and useful relaxing way, allowing soldiers to form the healthy, positive, and strong army.