Defense News


(Written by Reporter Liu, De-Ching from Military News Agency, Taoyuan, November 10th)

    To promote the voluntary military service and strengthen the contact with veterans (dependents) and retiring soldiers, Taoyuan City Veteran Service Center worked with Office of Employment Services, Taoyuan to hold “2015 Career Development Seminar and Employment Matching Activity” and provide over a thousand jobs for retiring soldiers and veterans (dependents).

 Experts from Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency hosted the “Career Development Seminar” and discussed second-time employment of the middle-aged and senior people; experts from Bureau of Labor Insurance explained labor insurance interests; and Mobile Entrepreneurship Taiwan 368 Team promoted entrepreneurship-related resources. Participants discussed questions and exchanged opinions to drive innovative ideas. In addition, in response to the need for talents in the high-tech manufacturing and property management industry, 28 well-known manufacturers were invited to provide citizens, retiring soldiers and unemployed veterans in Taoyuan with diverse employment channels.