Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency, Chiayi, November 9th)

    Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan inspected Chiayi Air Base today to understand the condition of combat training and praise soldiers for their efforts to stay alert, ensure the airspace security, and rescue victims of calamities. In the morning, the convener Chen, Chen-Hsiang led member Chan, Kai-Chen and Li, Tong-Hao, accompanied by Under Secretary of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang Hsin-Long, to inspect the fighter training, performance advance, fighting forces, and preparation for rescue tasks at Chiayi Air Base.

    During the visit, members listened to task briefings to understand the operation of combat training and inspected the simulator offices and hangars. They were impressed with soldiers’ continuous contribution to operations. Legislators also exchanged opinions with the military cadres about the fighter training, performance advance, and protection of hangars, hoping to help the air forces continue to advance the capacity for air defense and ensure the airspace security.

    In addition, the air rescue group at Chiayi Air Base has provided assistance at critical moments for many times. Legislators also inspected the current status of S-70C and EC-225 equipment and the daily operation of rescue tasks, hoping the rescue group to continuously advance related skills. Under Secretary Wang thanked legislators for their concern about the administration of national defense and effects of combat training on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao. Wang also provided recommendations and recognized soldiers greatly. He also said that the military will advance the administration of national defense, perfect the preparedness, and safeguard the national security based on valuable opinions provided by legislators.