Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chuang, Chia-Hung from Military News Agency, Taichung, November 8th)

  To expand the talent recruitment, each unit of the armed forces selected excellent soldiers with special talents to engage in the recruitment, so as to attract outstanding young people. Corporal Chen, Yi-Hsi from Air Defense Missile Command performed B-Box and attracted young people’s attention in the recruitment activity, successfully recruiting many outstanding talents.


  “Soldiers have a calm appearance and work seriously and cautiously. A colorful military life starts when you join the army. Are you willing to challenge yourself?...” These are lines of B-Box live performance by Chen Yi-Hsi in the recruitment activity. 


  Chen Yi-Hsi grew up in a music family. Learning from his father who mastered various instruments, Chen is talented in music. He not only performed B-Box in the TV program “University”, but also obtained the license of street artist during the study in college. He also acted as an instructor for Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and sang at pubs during his spare time. When he was a senior, his father passed away and his sister immigrated. Suddenly, he lost his family and started to think about his future. After graduation, he obtained the notice of military draft and though of the advertising of military recruitment. Chen Yi-Hsi considered the military service an option and joined the army without hesitation. 


  In the beginning of his military life, Chen thought that the life in the army was regular and rigid. However, after engaging in the recruitment, he found that he could perform B-Box in recruitment activities to attract people’s attention and make many people recognize his ideas and creation. More importantly, he could fully showcase his music talents.


  When recalling the recruitment, Chen Yi-Hsi said that new recruits raising questions were just like him when he joined the army voluntarily. Now, he is a non-commissioning officer cadre equipped with many specialties. Chen thanked the military for providing a stage that allowed him to engage in the military recruitment and attract more outstanding young people to join the national armed forces and live a unique and colorful life.