Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tung, Chuan-Hui from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, November 5th) 

National Rescue Command Center of the Executive Yuan held “2015 National Excellent Rescue Personnel Award Ceremony” at Howard Civil Service International House today. Colonel Lin, Hsin-Shih and other two officers and non-commissioned officers were praised for their selfless effort to protect citizens’ property and life.


 In the award ceremony, Minister of Ministry of the Interior and the supervisor of National Rescue Command Center of the Executive Yuan Chen, Wei-Zen awarded 20 excellent rescue personnel from different units the certificate. Among them, three were from the military, including Colonel Lin, Hsin-Shih from the Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Communications Electronics and Information, Major Yeh, Tsung-Hsiang and Sergeant Chiu, Tai-Shih from Air Force 455 Tactical and Fighting Wing.


 Chen, Wei-Zen congratulated 20 excellent rescue personnel and indicated that they were from different fields of rescue. These rescue personnel usually contributed to the unit and were selected by the unit, experts and, the media due to excellent performances. 


 Chen, Wei-Zen emphasized that the air crash of TransAsia Airways in February, dust explosion of Formosa Fun Coast in June, and the serious destruction of Typhoon Soudelor at Wulai in August depended on immediate rescue of every unit to minimize the casualties. Chen especially thanked related rescue personnel and their family for their selfless effort and support to rescue citizens and save them from disasters.


 Last, Chen, Wei-Zen encouraged each rescue unit to handle changing disaster responses by implementing the sound disaster rescue plan, understanding the emergency rescue procedures, and strengthening preparations for disaster prevention, so as to save citizens from fear and ensure their life safety.