Defense News


(Written by Reporter Kuo, Chia-Liang from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, November 2ed)

    Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan inspected military facilities at Gangshan area in Kaohsiung City to understand the drainage, noise control, and establishment of the aviation education exhibition hall at Republic of China Air Force Academy and the cultural conservation and planning of “Le Qun Village” and exchange opinions. Member Chiu, Chih-Wei from Foreign and National Defense Committee and Kaohsiung City Councilor Weng, Jui-Chu and Kao, Min-Lin were accompanied by Under Secretary of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Hsin-Long to listen to project briefing at Republic of China Air Force Academy and understand the operation of “airport heights closure project” and “noise control of flight training”, hoping that the balance of combat training and the local welfare could be achieved through communication among the local government, the military, and citizens.

    Later, Legislator Chiu, Chih-Wei and participants visited the aviation education exhibition hall to understand the construction of access roads and planning of future inauguration, hoping that the hall will become a professional venue for recreational activities, visits, military recruitment, and major festivals and help improve the effect of “all-out defense”, under the appropriate arrangement of Ministry of National Defense. In addition, Legislator Chiu also visited “Le Qun Village” to listen to the briefing about the current status of cultural conservation by the veteran office. He hoped that Ministry of National Defense would work with Kaohsiung City Government through professional discussions to conduct the overall planning of the cultural park, so as to conserve valuable cultural assets and an ecological environment of military villages by combining local resources and activating the use of land, and promote local prosperity.

 Under Secretary Wang especially thanked legislators and city councilors on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao for their concerns about the national defense and indicated that the military would carry out the review and related disposal based on their recommendations.