Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, November 1st)

    To achieve the goal of modernization, the military continued to reform and transform national defense. In recent years, Infantry Training Command has actively built training fields for Taiwan Infantry fighting vehicles, night operation, mortar, and anti-armor weapons and arranged simulation equipment as well as professional training courses for instructors to improve the training effect and soldiers’ fighting forces. With the future change in strategies and the environment, Infantry Training Command also continuously improved the application of strategies and tactics and training of night operation and snipers. It also built situational classrooms and night operation simulation classrooms, where trainees wore night goggles and passed battles in limited space, mound application, and jungle fighting to hone their skills in situational handing and night operations.

 Situational classrooms for snipers included the formulated position, tree house position, town area, and jungle area, where trainees learned to master the handing of passing dangerous areas, entering positions, taking actions at target areas, and confronting enemies under instructors’ orders. After the training, instructors provided appropriate corrections on every trainee’s motion based on the video to achieve the training result and advance skills.

 It is worth mentioning that Infantry Training Command adopted “mortar shooting simulators” invented by Armaments Bureau Plant 202 last year. This simulator was applied to small shooting fields for real shooting training, where soldiers could get familiar with the sound, light, and smoke of bullet shooting and the procedures and skills of real shootings. To meet the need of training of Taiwan Infantry fighting vehicles, Infantry Training Command strove to perfect the training environment and hold driver, maintenance, and shooting classes; it also built the training fields of basic and off-road driving for trainees to master skills and become qualified specialists in a premium learning environment.