Defense News


(Written by Reporter Ling, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 28th)

    Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao pointed out today that the military upheld “sovereignty, putting aside disputes, peace and mutual benefits, and common development” based on the policy guideline of “South China Sea Initiative” to properly deal with the issue of safety in South China Sea area, so as to strengthen regional peace, stability, and balance. When being asked about the issue of “the U.S. chaser moved into the range of artificial reefs of South China Sea in a distance of 12 sea miles” in the Foreign and National Defense Committee, legislative Yuan in the morning, Minister Gao made the above statement.

    Minister Gao emphasized that Ministry of National Defense respected the principle and spirit of related international acts, including United Nations Charter and United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; thus, regarding the issue, in addition to giving respect to its freedom of navigation right, Minister Gao also asked the navy to pay attention to the regional intelligence at any time and plan various emergency response measures for possible conflicts, so as to ensure the security of our territorial seas. Minister Gao indicated that the navy is responsible for the protection of territorial seas. In addition to regular inspection of South China Sea area, the navy also worked with coast guards to implement the “fishermen protection task” and well managed the movement of ships at sea. Moreover, Ministry of National Defense also continues to improve the combat capability for the defense of Taiping Island in order to respond to emergency and safeguard the country.