Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 26st)

    Chef of Staff Yen, De-Fa awarded retired Colonel Yang, Lin-Chuan and other 16 cadres on behalf of Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao and praised them for their contributions to the military service. In the morning, Chef of Staff Yen met retired cadres and awarded them “Medal of Army Brilliance, A Class” and “Medal of Exemplary, A-Second Class” to pay the highest respect and gratitude to them for their efforts to complete designated tasks.

 Chef of Staff Yen hoped retired cadres to continuously give advice to the military based on the initial intention to join the army, so as to fortify the national defence. Chef of Staff Yen also asked retired cadres to stay highly alert after leaving the military and not disclose any known military secrets in order to prevent and deter conflicts of interests and ensure the integrity and safety of the military.

 To allow retired cadres to fully understand personal interests, obligations, and related services, Veterans Affairs Council and Political Warfare Bureau appointed the personnel to explain the details of withholding tax, homecoming registration, pension payment, issuance of veteran certificate, children employment guidance, medical services, and control of traveling to China, so as to protect their interests.