Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taitung, Oct 22nd)

    In the visit to Du-Lan Book Store in Taitung County today, President Ma affirmed the efforts and contributions of the book store in assisting local disadvantaged children, and described the results of government endeavors to promote rural education. In his speech, President Ma expressed that the Du-Lan Book Store was managed by Marine Sergeant-Major Chen Jian-Zhong and his wife Pan Xiao-Zhen, both of whom grew up in Du-Lan. Established since 2010, the book store has provided local disadvantaged children with services such as after-school caretaking and academic tutoring. “This is a noble and meaningful cause.” All the expenses of the book store were paid for from the monthly salaries of Sergeant-Major Chen Jian-Zhong, and he has contributed without any complaints over the years. Such selfless spirit is indeed touching.

    When asked about the government actions in promoting after-school education and guidance of rural and tribe children, President Ma replied that the Council of Indigenous People has implemented the “After-school Education Program for Indigenous People” in 2015 to strengthen afterschool education and guidance resources for indigenous people and improve fundamental learning capacities while the Du-Lan Book Store is one of the afterschool guidance classrooms that participated in the Program. In addition, as indigenous children have shown exceptional talents in music, art and sports, the Council of Indigenous People has also implemented the “Encouragement of Indigenous Students Participation in Multi-Diversity Program” and provided training subsidies and resources so as to stimulate the talents and potential of these children. The President also went on to describe that taking the example of 2014, a total of 20 schools have participated in the program and have won first and second prizes in national competitions while other schools have also won awards county level competitions or even international competitions. These have shown that the implemented Multi-Diversity Program have been largely successful. Mdm. Pan of Du-Lan Book Store also mentioned that, she also hoped to nurture children non-academic talents such as drawing and sports in future,  and may cooperate with the neighboring Du-Lan Junior High School and Du-Lan Elementary School  to apply for the program.

    President Ma expressed that he also brought some required supplies such as video projectors, children’s books, dictionaries, and digital cameras for the children. In future, the government shall continue to devote resources to rural education in Hualien, Taitung and other rural areas, to “help everyone develop better”. Senior consultant Rao Ying-Qi, Chairman of Council of Indigenous People Lin Jiang-Yi, Taitung County Deputy Governor Chen Jin-Hu, and Du-Lan Community Chief Jiang Qing-Wu were all present in the activity.