Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 21st)

    Minister of National Defense Guangchi Gao attended “2015 Military Training Review” today. In the meeting, Gao encouraged all cadres to review and advance the military training and put in into practice safely and repeatedly to turn training results into substantial fighting forces and achieve the goal of joint operations. The meeting was held at the Boai camp in the morning. Minister Gao awarded units, individuals, and military instructors for their excellent performances of combat training as well as sports activities outside the camp, and proposed instructions of “implementation of combat training”, “well-organized training environment”, “quality-focused military training”, “improvements in talent quality and monitoring”, “coordination of joint operation” to encourage cadres to implement military training and build strong strengths. 

    Minister Gao pointed out that the “voluntary military system” is the major policy and the key to future national defense. Battlefield and operation of high-tech weapons and equipment require soldiers of long-term services. National security will be ensured only by the maximum capacity of voluntary forces. Besides, Minister Gao emphasized the importance of “joint image of operations” and “training for joint operations” and asked related units to focus on training for joint operations and equip cadres with attainment of joint operations. Minister Gao encouraged cadres to create the connection between practical experiences and combat training by compiling important preparedness-related issues and conclusions based on experiences in military exercises and making them highlights of the annual training with continuous operation and practice

    Minister Gao also asked related monitoring units to thoroughly consider and advance the curricular and practical content of guidelines for combat training by simulating real-world environments and carrying out intensive and difficult military training to continuously accumulate training capacities and perfect training procedures and standards. Chef of Staff General Yen, De-Fa hosted every agenda of the review meeting and directed the presentation of “2015 military training review and measures for improvements” as well as proposals for annual training review and specific measures for improvements made by the army, navy, and air force command and reserve command.