Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chou, Li-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 20th)

    To effectively forecast the route and possible influence on Taiwan, Air Force Weather Wing held “Typhoon Koppu Prevention Meeting” today. The host was Head of Air Force Weather Center Colonel Chang, Wen-Hung. In the meeting, the future route, wind and rainfall of Typhoon Koppu were discussed to accurately predict possible influences caused by the typhoon. Air Force Weather Center indicated that No. 24 mild Typhoon Koppu had an unclear “environmental steering current”, so there was no clear conclusion of route and the issuance of a typhoon alert. In addition to observing the latest satellite imagery and radar echoes, the staff also carried out related disposal and data maintenance to provide the latest and the most correct meteorological data at any time. In the meeting, Air Force Weather Center also analyzed the routes, wind and rainfall of similar typhoons in the past in order to fully master possible hazards due to Typhoon Koppu.

    Chang, Wen-Hung said that the disaster prevention and rescue is the main task of the military. For flood and typhoon prevention and possible influences on Taiwan and the combat training, the military rely on correct meteorological data to respond to Typhoon Koppu. Air Force Weather Center will continue to master the movement of Typhoon Koppu to ensure citizens’ property and safety.