Defense News


(Written by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 19th)

    Today, Ministry of National Defense held 2015 “Military Executives and Spokesman News Workshop”. Minister Guangchi Gao encouraged all cadres to understand the trend of the media and public opinions and continuously advance news competency in order to build an excellent image of the military. In the morning, the workshop was held at the Boai camp. Chief of Staff General Yen, De-Fa, Deputy Minister Chen, Yong-Kang, General Liu, Chen-Wu, executives from every command, spokesmen of all levels, and the news director attended in the workshop. In addition, President of United Evening News Lo, Kuo-She, Head of FTV News Department Hsiao, Tsui-Ying, President of Penetration Internet Agency Hsiang, Chun-Pi, Head of CNA Domestic News Center Lo, Kuang-Jen, and senior reporters Cheng, Yen-Hao and Chang, Chih-Hsiung were invited to give a speech, share practical experiences, and conduct a mock interview.

    Minister Guangchi Gao indicated that in recent years, taking the “death of corporal Hung Chung-Chiu”, “Sunflower Movement”, “Anti-Curriculum Distortion Activity”, and “AH-64 Apache” for example, private institutions demonstrated amazing maneuvers through social media. From this, we could see the importance of social media to journalism and the social media has become the important platform for military image promotion and communications. Minister Guangchi Gao said that facing rapid communication of information and the net generation with a lot of different opinions, the military cadres should thoroughly understand and take advantage of online communication channels in order to effectively promote the defense policy, perform the risk management and avoid negative events from expansion, and build an excellent image of the military.

    Minister Guangchi Gao proposed “market administrative highlights, build military image”, “instant response to news, implement risk management”, and “take advantage of internet communication, strive for nationals’ support” and encouraged cadres to advance approaches to news and emergency response in accordance with the trend. Minister Guangchi Gao encouraged participants to instantly grasp the media development in the digital age, become familiar with characteristics of social media, and cultivate the capability of marketing, communication, and clarifying online false messages. In addition, participants should adsorb professional knowledge and information to increase the overall efficacy of military journalism.