Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chuang, Chia-Hung from Military News Agency, Yilan, October 18th)

    Today, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang, Hsing-Wei praised 2015 Marching Troops for their efforts to demonstrate solid results of combat training on behalf of Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao and Chief of Staff General Yen, De-Fa. In the morning, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang was accompanied by related managers to inspect the marching troop at Neicheng Elementary School in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County and listen to task briefing. Deputy Chief of Staff Wang guided the troops to respond to the strike of “Typhoon Koppu” After finishing the orienteering course, soldiers returned to their station to complete the grouping of disaster rescue and await orders.

    Deputy Chief of Staff Wang indicated that the marching troop training aimed to verify the result of training with the focus on investigation and communication equipment configuration and prepare for the future rescue and defense operations. Deputy Chief of Staff Wang also guided Army Airborne Special Forces Command to perfect the competence training of teachers and strictly strengthen soldiers’ knowledge in order to cultivate the fighting force and refine military training in accordance with requirement for preparedness.

    Deputy Chief of Staff Wang emphasized the safety of military training and asked cadres to fulfill the risk management and achieve the goal of training based on the premise of safety first. In addition, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang also required cadres of all levels to plan the maneuver in advance before returning to the station based on groups in order to avoid traffic jam and civil complaints. Besides, vehicles should be examined before departure to ensure driving safety.