Defense News


(Written by Reporter Liu, De-Ching from Military News Agency, Matsu, October 14th)

    To verify soldiers’ firing skills of heavy artillery and proficient command procedures, Matsu Defense Command implemented “Joint Operation” at Nangan, Beigan, and Juguang camps today. Soldiers demonstrated the skilled movements and high morale, which helped them fully presented the result of artillery training and completed the operation. Deputy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Wang, Hsing-Wei, Commander of Matsu Defense Command Lieutenant General Mo, Yo-Ming supervised the exercise held in the morning. In addition, the local representatives, the gentry, and citizens were invited to witness the sophisticated fighting force of national armed forces. Deputy Chief of Staff Wang awarded participating soldiers allowances and praised them for their excellent results of combat training.


    The exercise was implemented in different locations at the same time to simulate the counterattack against the Chinese army. Soldiers completed the preparedness based on the situation, and the fire command center conducted the verification of firing equipment and ordered an “interference firing” upon receiving the order. The firing is based on salvo with 155cannons, 155 and 105 howitzers, and 81 mortars, which hit the target zone precisely. Matsu Defense Command indicated that the firing area in this operation remained a safe distance with reefs in response to conservation of reefs and the operation was held outside March to September to avoid the season for terns to spawn and perch. This way, the balanced development of “national defense”, “tourism”, and “conservation” would be achieved, and Matsu Defense Command would continue to protect the defense zone and peace along Taiwan Strait to become the guardian of nationals.