Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Pingtung, October 12th)

    The convener of Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan Chen, Chen-Hsiang called other members to inspect Air Force 439 Wing today. During the visit, they understood the process of assembly of new weapons and proposed many specified recommendations for the administration of national defense. In the morning, the convener Chen and two members Chan, Kai-Chen and Li, Tong-Hao were accompanied by Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive General Pu, Ze-Chun to inspect Air Force 439 Wing. During the inspection, they listened to the briefing and experienced the simulator take-off and landing training to understand the function and combat capability of E2K AWACS and P-3C maritime patrol aircraft

    Chen, Chen-Hsiang said that Air Force 439 Wing is part of joint operation and responsible for heavy tasks. In addition to recognizing soldiers’ effort, he also reminded the cadre of significance of personnel training and new equipment maintenance. Only by close cooperation among personnel and skilled application of equipment could the function be fully exerted. He hoped that the national armed forces could adjust the concept, thinking, and training of operation step by step and integrate the status and performance of existing weapons in order to provide stronger national security. 

    Members also cared about the current status of fighting equipment and planning of future procurement. Li, Tong-Hao and Chan, Kai-Chen indicated that the military equipment should be consistent and updated appropriately based on the needs of time, tasks, and operation. In addition, concepts of diversity and customization could be adopted to adjust the requirement for different types of dressing and achieve the effective overall fighting force. Executive Pu also thanked members for their valuable recommendations on behalf of Minister of Ministry of National Defense Gao Guangchi and said that the national armed forces would devote themselves to combat training and providing solid backing for the progress of national development.