Defense News


(Written by Reporter Liu, De-Ching from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 11th)

    As the national armed forces devoted to promoting the voluntary military in response to the transformation of military service, many young generations were attracted to join the army, including females who had the courage to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams and color their life. One of these female soldiers was Chou, Dan-Ting, a “pay student” graduating from the master program in Management College, National Defense University. After returning to the society, she was deeply influenced by her father and the friendship among classmates in the management college. As a result, she became the candidate for the professional officer and hoped to serve the national armed forced and achieve remarkable performances.

    Lieutenant Chou, Dan-Ting gave up the stable work and is currently serving for Air Defense and Missile Defense. Born in Yuli Township, Hualien County, Chou, Dan-Ting is out-going and willing to get along with others. During the study, her teachers and military instructors often said that she had a temperament of the military and police. This is all because of her background from a military family.

    Chou, Dan-Ting’s father graduated from the R.O.C. Military Academy. Although her father was retired before she was born, his military temperament deeply affected her. In addition, the school was next to the military camp. Accompanied by military songs, she has gradually cultivated a disciplined, efficient, and group-person character.

    Currently, Lieutenant Chou, Dan-Ting serves as the deputy leader of Fire Control Platoon. In the aspects of tactical performance or leadership, she is a well-performed female cadre. In addition to accurate command and clear judgment on tactical actions, she is able to precisely understand the condition of unit equipment. She is passionate for the national armed forces and coheres to the unit. She sets an example, making the troop willing to work hard with her and manage this family together.