Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, October 7th)

Today, Ministry of National Defense held “No.31 Hang Kuang Military Exercise Review”. Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao encouraged cadres to review and improve the feasibility of military exercise and plans based on the standard of “strict and reinforced training” and innovative/asymmetric thinking, so as to strengthen the fighting forces and build consolidated national defense. In the morning, Chief of Staff General Yen, De-Fa hosted the review and called important cadres of the army, navy, and air forces. Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao especially attended the review to award excellent units and individuals and praised every participating unit for successful completion of military exercise. 


Minister Gao indicated that China has greatly invested in the national defense to purchase many machines, ships, missiles, and new ISR systems. China has held many military exercises in a year to simulate the target seizure of our political and economic hub and joint landing, showing its military ambition. Thus, the national armed forces should not stay alert to the preparedness. Minister Gao said that the peace and stability of cross-strait situation is the important cornerstone of safety development in the Asia-pacific region. National armed forces should uphold the guideline of “maintaining basic fighting force and developing the asymmetric one” to comprehensively analyze the military approaches and plan improvement programs, so as to enhance the response capacity.


 Minister Gao asked cadres to operate the military exercise strictly. Each unit should amend related rules and operational plans based on collected operational parameters and experiences so as to exert the efficacy of new weapons. Minister Gao further pointed out that “all-out defense” is the comprehensive performance of overall national power. In the “No. 31 Hang Kuang Military Exercise”, related departments, local government, and institutions maneuvered all-out defense power in “Tzechiang Exercise” and “Tongxing Exercise” based on the mechanism of “all-out defense” to satisfy the needs of operations and disaster rescue, achieve the goal of “instant mobilization and operation”, and lay a foundation of victory in the future defense operations.


Minister Gao emphasized that “joint operations” have become the main patterns of the military operations. Facing the current threat and challenge of military safety, the national armed forces should enforce efficient control procedures and accurate battlefield management and build the capacity for “long-distance accurate operations” and “synchronized joint engagement”, making the armed forces the important power and backing of national development and security.