Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Dongsha, October 6th)

    Today, Ministry of National Defense organized a joint taskforce to fortify the preparedness of Dongsha Islands Defense and provide defense related training for Coast Guard Administration, so as to consolidate the fighting force of outer islands, improve the capacity for preparedness, and maintain the territorial sovereignty. Deputy Chief of Staff of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Hsing-Wei, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Coast Guard Administration Cheng, Chang-Hsiung visited Dongsha Command in the morning. After hearing the task briefing, they inspected various important operations and provided recommendations on personnel training and weapon maintenance, hoping to make Dongsha defense more complete.

    In the visit, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang understood the preparedness and exercise of stationed soldiers from Coast Guard Administration and praised soldiers for their excellent achievements and morale. In terms of defense zone training and equipment maintenance, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang requested participant units to cooperate and communicated closely with Coast Guard Administration and provide Dongsha Defense with necessary support, so as to maintain territorial sovereignty and demonstrate the resolution to protect the country and citizens.

    Deputy Minister of Coast Guard Administration Cheng thanked Ministry of National Defense for guidance and advice on behalf of Minister Wang, Chung-Yi. He emphasized that Coast Guard Administration will fulfill the government’s policy and implement the sea enforcement, sea rescue, environmental protection, and territorial defense. Moreover, the Administration will continuously advance the island defense and maintain the territorial sovereignty to secure the country’s best interest in the South China Sea.