Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, Oct 4th)

    To complete the rescue mission for missing AT-3 trainer plane, military officers and soldiers have collaborated together to put aside the differences between frontline and logistics units and devote resources to the rescue operations. Through the cooperation between logistics, command, communication supports, and under the priority of “rescuing people”, high efficient commands and management were developed in the urgent rescue mission, showing the brotherly bonds between different departments of the big military family. The search team led by Deputy Commander of Hua-Tung Defense Command, Ku Sheng-Wen was the 1st ground search and rescue team deployed and they managed to venture 32km into the deep mountains of Ruei-Shuei Forest to establish a communication and command outpost, and cleared 2 landing areas for aircrafts so that subsequent supplies may be transported. They are the forerunners of this rescue mission.

    As the AT-3 trainer plane crashed in the Mabolasi mountain, south of the Dan Mountain of the Central Mountain Range, an area dangerous with cliffs and faults, after receiving orders, Major General Ku mobilized local relations and accepted the assistance offered by his Truku family to establish the command outpost and equipment setup on the same day, allowing the officers and soldiers time to rest and prepare. He also mobilized the local youths and reserve cadres to conduct the search mission at the last known radar location.

    Major General Ku said that, conducting rescue missions in high altitude mountain regions are often limited by terrain factors which are often “unreachable”. In the national parks, mining activities have led to many collapsed areas without any pathways making it a tiring effort for the rescuers to advance into the mountains. But in order to strive for the golden rescue time, every day the rescuers have to work from dawn to dusk, camp in the woods, barely get a normal diet and light a campfire before nightfall to avoid wild beasts. Ku expressed that the search mission is a testament to the training of the military such as the high altitude survival skills of the special forces. The distribution of work has greatly enhanced search efficiency and ensured the safety of the mission. In addition, the Air Force 401st and 455th units, Aviation and Special Forces Command and Hua-Tung Defense Command are working closely to provide logistics support for the supplies and safety of the frontline rescuers. Ku stressed that, in light of this unfortunate incident, he has always upheld his belief that “Army, Navy and Air Force are brothers in arm” and everyone will stand as one to conduct the missions thoroughly, fulfill their obligations as military and show their respect for the brothers who died on duty.