Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, Sep 30th)

    Deputy Defense Minister Liu Zhen-Wu will award medals to 2 retiring colonels, Zhao Fu-Sheng and Zhan Zhong-Yi, today for their loyalty and efforts during their military service and outstanding contributions in Military Combat Readiness on behalf of Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi. Deputy Minister Liu met with retiring military officers in the afternoon and awarded “Medal of Army Brilliance, A Class” and “Five Star Marine” medals to honor their contributions during their major positions in the military and in the General Staff Headquarters, and their efforts in completing the missions issued by the superiors.

    Deputy Minister Liu expects them to maintain an active and optimistic attitude in the military, maintain physical and mental health, safeguard family harmony, and plan for life after retirement to embrace the next phase in life. In addition, the Ministry of Defense has also arranged for specialized staff to offer detailed explanations on confidentiality regulations and regulations for travels to China so that retiring personnel may understand the personal rights and obligations of retired military personnel.