Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, Sep 29th)

    Due to the monsoon rains and strong winds brought on by Typhoon Dujuan, the Army Guandu Area Command will deploy 170 officers and soldiers and machinery to assist in the recovery operations today in response to local requirements. The selflessness and hard work displayed by the officers and soldiers have won the recognition of local government and villagers.

    The Army Guandu Area Command expressed that, after the land warning of Typhoon Dujuan was lifted, troops, vehicles, and relevant excavation tools and machinery were deployed in the afternoon to Shenkeng, Shuangxi, Wanli, Shiding, Xindian, Xizhi, Pinglin and Jinshan districts in New Taipei City to assist in road recovery operations such as clearing rocks, trees and collapsed buildings.

    Guandu Area Command pointed out that the relief missions completed recovery operations along 1036 km of road sections, cleared 10 tons of fallen rocks and assisted in clearing 120 square meters of collapsed buildings so as to assist the villages and townships in completing the disaster relief operations as soon as possible.