Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Tainan, Sep 22nd)

    On a two day inspection tour of grassroots army departments to understand the combat readiness training of military officers and soldiers, the Committee on National Defense and Intelligence Affairs, Control Yuan has expressed recognition of the efforts put in training and strengthening of national defenses. Led by National Defense and Intelligence Affairs committee member Fang Wan-Fu, the inspection committee comprising of committee members Chang Kuei-Mei, Wang Mei-Yu, Chang Jen-Hsiang, Liu Te-Shun, Bau Tzong-Ho, Chen Ching-Tsai, Chiang Ming-Chang, Lee Yue-De and Tsai Pei-Tsun, and accompanied by Deputy Defense Minister, Chen Yung-Kang, embarked on a two-day inspection visit yesterday (Sep 21st) to inspect the Army 542 Armor Brigade, Armor Brigade Training Command, Aviation and Special Forces Command, and other departments.

    During the inspection, besides listening to mission briefings and understanding the mission execution status of the training of each department, the committee members also conducted on-site inspections on tank sub-caliber firing, simulation training, new troops training, armory storage operations, infantry training and the flight training of Aviation forces and the maintenance of logistics departments. The in-depth understanding of the combat readiness of the military efforts put in by officers and soldiers and their excellent performance have greatly impressed the committee team. During the discussions, the committee proposed suggestions for the adjustment of military organizations, recruitment, weapons and equipment research and procurement, combat readiness training, logistics management, and military education in the hopes of assisting defense policy implementation and improvements in military training operations.

    Convening committee member Fang Wan-Fu expressed that, the inspection has conducted a comprehensive patrol of the training status of the main Army forces and expects to continue to promote new reforms to ensure the protection of public welfare and national security. On behalf of Defense Minister Gao Guang-Chi, Deputy Defense Minister Chen expressed gratitude to the committee members for their concern in implementation of defense policies, army training results and for their advice. Their recognition of the efforts put in by military officers and soldiers also provided encouragement for the officers and soldiers. Chen also stressed that the opinions provided by the committee are valuable to improving the implementation defense policies and the military officers and soldiers will continue to work hand-in-hand to strengthen combat readiness and live up to the public expectations.