Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Taichung, Sep 21st)

    To prevent the spread of dengue epidemic, as of today, the military 5th Combat Zone has restricted control of 28 vacant military bases and assisted the local schools and public facilities in environmental clean-up and sterilization operations. At the same time, the 36th Chemical Warfare Group is also on patrol within the jurisdiction and organizing lectures on dengue prevention and environment sterilization, displaying the activeness in dengue prevention. The military 5th Combat Zone also expressed that to prevent the dengue epidemic and strengthen military officers in self-protection and epidemic prevention concepts, the 36th Chemical Warfare Group is ordered to patrol among the military bases in central Taiwan to advocate prevention measures, and the correct operation methods of sterilization equipment, sterilization chemicals, and disposable protective suits, and also provided a demonstration on the elimination operations of vector mosquito breeding spots in tree hollows, bushes, and drains to ensure a clean and safe homeland.

    The military 5th Combat Zone pointed out that, the military will continue to support local sterilizations in the morning and deploy troops to conduct environmental clean-up and patrol operations. The activeness and effort displayed by military officers and soldiers in sterilization operations is testament to the military’s dedication in epidemic prevention. The military 5th Combat Zone stressed that the military departments will actively do their best in environmental clean-up and prevention operations with the military officers and soldiers working hand-in-hand to eliminate all the breeding spots of the vector mosquito and complete grass-cutting and drain-clearing operations in implementation of dengue epidemic prevention .