Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Wu Bo-Yi, Kaohsiung, Sep 17th)

    In addition to providing continued support for local epidemic prevention and sterilization, the 4th Combat Zone will also target conduct environmental clean-up and patrol operations in military camps, villages, retirement homes and vacant military camps today. Through their active attitudes and hard efforts, the military officers and soldiers have demonstrated determination in the implementation of dengue fever prevention.

    To eradicate the dengue epidemic, the  8th Army Corps will implement regular environment clean-up and mobilize soldiers in strengthening environment sterilization operations including affiliation departments such as 4th Combat Zone, 43 Artillery Command, 39 Chemical Warfare Group, Engineer Group, 333 Mechanized Infantry Brigade that will implement preventive measures simultaneously to eradicate the spread of the epidemic.

    The Army 4th Logistics Command also conducted environment clean-up and management activities in the Kaohsiung Youth retirement homes today. During operations, the officers and soldiers carefully checked for possible mosquito breeding spots, cleared stagnant water from containers, offered assistance to retired military personnel who have difficulties in walking and reminded them of the dengue fever prevention precautions, so as to provide them with a safe living environment.