Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency Reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taipei, Sep 16th)

    On Sep 16th, the National Defense University (NDU) organized the “6th Soldier Morality and Character Education” Academic Conference in the Fuxing Gang Campus, Beitou and invited experts and academicians to join the event where issues such as “70th Anniversary of Victory and Morality Display” were discussed in the hopes of providing suggestions for reference regarding the promotion of military morality and character education, and to establish correct core values and beliefs in the military officers and soldiers and strengthen patriotism. Minister of Defense Gao Guang-Chi attended the Conference in the morning and in his speech, he stressed that military officers, soldiers, and NDU instructors and students should learn the war facts, uphold the Huangpu spirit and military morality of “Wisdom, Faith, Benevolence, Courage, Strict”, and emulate the martyrs in selfless patriotism, fulfilling of military duties and the sacred mission of protecting the nation and its citizens.

    Minister Gao also quoted Western military strategist, Clausewitz “A commander may command only the entire military but unable to direct detailed orders to each individual unit. Where the commander’s command is inadequate, rely on soldier morality”, to stress the important influence of soldier morality on the military and the nation. Gao expects all military officers and soldiers to temper “Humility, Discern between life and death, Responsibility, Integrity”, cultivate righteousness and honesty, and establish enemy awareness and stand staunchly at their positions so as to build a disciplined national defense force trusted by the public.

    The Conference also invited former Premier Hau Pei-Tsun to give a theme speech on the topic of “70th Anniversary of Victory in War of Resistance and Retrocession of Taiwan: The Heritage and Display of Soldier Morality”. In his speech, Hau described the military morality and the selfless loyalty displayed by officials during the Japanese occupation, allowing the military officers and soldiers present to feel a sense of honor from the noble responsibilities and duties of the military, stimulating them to strive whole-heartedly to establish a strong military to protect the safe development of Taiwan. After the Conference, Dean of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, Major-General Jing Yuan-Yu, Dean of Management College, Major-General Hong Hong-Jun, Dean of Fu Hsing Kang College, Major-General Zhao Jian-Zhong took turns in hosting the event. Throughout the event, General Education Center Supervisor, Associate Professor Lu Guo-Qing and other officials gave speeches on 6 thesis and proposed incisive analyses and opinions, allowing event participants to benefit from his speech.