Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Wu Bo-Yi, Kaohsiung, Sep 14th)

    To prevent the continued spread of dengue fever, both the military and the public were mobilized. Besides continuing to offer disinfection and epidemic prevention support to Tainan and Kaohsiung regions, the departments of Army 4th Combat Zone will also strengthen patrol and environment management of vacant camps and living quarters to ensure there are no blind spots in dengue fever prevention, eliminate possible vector mosquito breeding sources and safeguard public health, and jointly safeguard public health and homeland safety.

    At the break of dawn, about 200 officers and soldiers from 8th Army 39th Chemical Corp were prepped, and arrived at the designated assembly point before 8a.m. Led by the military officers, the soldiers were joined by personnel from local Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and health departments. After which, they began the inspection of disinfection equipment, and added necessary fuel and disinfection chemicals. After helping one another with the equipment, the military officers and soldiers began the day’s disinfection operations.

    As the dengue fever epidemic was severe in the southern regions, the 10th Army also sent part of the 36th Chemical Corp to provide cross-region support in epidemic prevention. The support force arrived in Kaohsiung around 10a.m. and promptly began equipment inspections and relevant stationing operations. After which, they were integrated with the 39th Chemical Corp in the epidemic combat zone and began disinfection and epidemic prevention operations.