Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, Pingtung, September 10th)

    Deputy Chief of Staff of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Hsin-Wei inspected No.333 Infantry Brigade participating in the joint operations in “No. 31 Han Kuang Military Exercise”, and praised soldiers for their high morale and solid capacity for seizing the target zone. Deputy Chief Wang visited the joint training center at Renshou Mountain and Baoli Mountain on behalf of Minister Gao Guangqi to inspect the exercise and encourage soldiers to continuously practice and promote the fighting force.

    To verify the effect of joint operations, No.333 Infantry Brigade organized into the chariot contingent and worked with the Air forces and Navy to simulate the attack against the enemy, preparation for shooing before attack, removal of the enemy alert, joint fire and operations, covering shooting, seizure of target zone, and battlefield chase. During the exercise, soldiers were equipped with high morale and solid capacity to efficiently eliminate the enemy.

    In the exercise of field shooting, the Air Force F-16 and IDF executed 25-pound practice ammunition; AH-1W helicopter used 20 cannon and Poseidon rockets to exercise attack; Javelin and Towed missile were used to destroy the enemy’s armored force; the Artillery provided fire support; the infantry along with tanks and armored vehicles conducted the live-fire attack one by one as scheduled and finally seized the target and defeated the enemy. All soldiers demonstrated the solid capacity and determination to defend the country.