Defense News


(Written by Reporter Kuo, Chia-Liang from Military News Agency, Miaoli, September 8th)

    To verify the capacity of reserve for disaster rescue, Miaoli Reserve Brigade worked with Miaoli County Government in “33rd Tzuchiang Military Exercise” and “27th Tunghsin Military Exercise” and carried out the “war disaster rescue” at the front plaza of the government so as to strengthen the local collaborative response mechanism of “integrated mechanisms”, “civil-military integration”, and “military compatibility”. The exercise of war disaster rescue simulated Miaoli under missile attack, causing building fire and casualties. Miaoli County Government activated the joint response control mechanism and maneuvered Miaoli Reserve Brigade to assist the government in disaster rescue. In the afternoon, Miaoli Magistrate Hsu, Yao-Chang was accompanied by Commander of Reserve Command Lieutenant General Tang, Chia-Kun and Commander of Central Area Reserve Major General Cheng, Yu-Ming to supervise the exercise.

    In the exercise, more than 150 participants from Miaoli Reserve Brigade, Fire Bureau, Police Bureau, Health Bureau, Miaoli General Hospital, Da Chien Hospital, Voluntary Fire Fighter, Voluntary Police, and Logistics Service cadres joined “Control Center operation”, “fire rescue”, “emergent medical care for a large number of injuries”, “resident evacuation”, and “rehabilitation meeting” with 112 fire trucks, ambulances, military trucks in 13 types. The exercise was compact and real. Magistrate Hsu indicated that voluntary fire fighters, medical personnel and the military listened to Control Center’s instruction during the disaster rescue and carried out emergency care, and resident and vehicle evacuation. They faced situations calmly and demonstrated the civil-military integrated mobilization and capacity for disaster rescue. In this regard, Magistrate Hsu gave special thanks to these participants.

    Commander of Reserve Command Lieutenant General Tang, Chia-Kun said that the national security depended on all citizens’ power to exert specific effects. In this exercise, all participants upheld the spirit of “disaster rescue equaling combat” to practice every operation. Through this exercise, the military hoped all soldiers and citizens to realize that the more alerts in peacetime spell more security at war.