Defense News


(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Miaoli, September 7th)

    Miaoli Reserve Command implemented the inauguration of joint collection center for “27th Tunghsin Military Exercise” and “33rd Tzuchiang Military Exercise” today and validated the local government and reserve command’s capacity for vehicle and resource mobilization in order to verify the preparation for mobilization of all-out defense, improve the overall combat capability, and support operations. In the morning, Deputy Chief of Staff of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Ching-Wei, accompanied with Miaoli Magistrate Hsu, Yao-Chang and Commander of Reserve Command Lieutenant General Tang, Chia-Kun, visited Miaoli County Stadium to supervise the mobilization of vehicle and resources for “31st Han Kuang Military Exercise”, understand the operation of joint collection center, and recognize Miaoli County Government’s support of all-out defense.

    Deputy Chief of Staff Wang thanked Miaoli County Government for its effort to support the military exercise. With joint efforts of the military and the local government, all participants demonstrated efficiency and multi-integration capacity. By engaging in the exercise, Miaoli County Government showed the best explanation and demonstration for all-out defense. Magistrate Hsu indicated that the government had rehearsed vehicle and personnel mobilization for Han Kung Military Exercise for many times and could definitely complete the exercise as scheduled. Soldiers and civilians should work together to protect the national security to enhance the overall combat capability.

    The exercise unit fully participated in inauguration of joint collection center and carried out the registration of vehicles and important resources and the explanation for procedures of important resources, heavy machinery, vehicles receipt, inspection, and inventory to verify the appropriateness of all-out defense for operations and enhance the emergency response.