Defense News


(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, September 6th)

   To promote the voluntary military service, Ministry of National Defense continues to improve the living environment and quality in the military and increase soldiers’ welfare and remunerations. In addition, a complete military career plan is also the highlight of supporting measures. Currently, the sources of officer cadres of each division are military formal students, professional officer classes, and university reserve officers. In addition, a group of soldiers were promoted to non-commissioned officers and transferred to officers. They had greater advantages of leadership and operation training due to abundant grassroots experiences.

   Captain Chung, Mau-Yuan, Chuang, Chien-Chieh, and Yeh, Ming-Tse from Air Defense of the Army 10th Crop were originally compulsory soldiers and later transferred to voluntary soldiers. They passed the examination and were promoted to non-commissioned officers and transferred to professional officers. They are now responsible for the planning of combat training tasks and maintenance of Avenger missile system separately and are the core cadres in the military. Major Su from Air Defense said that the battalion is like an enterprise that has different departments. Every soldier of all ranks is important. The battalion is fortunate to have these officer cadres that are equipped with grassroots experiences. They used to serve as soldiers and non-commissioned soldiers, so they understand what soldiers of every rank are thinking. They also have good communication and coordination skills that help them win the trust and love from their staff. These officers are keys to operational success.

    Battalion commander Su said that Air Defense is responsible for important target protection and confirmation of airspace safety for the ground forces. Since soldiers have to undertake 24-hour combat capabilities and heavy tasks, their management of mind becomes very important. Since these officers used to serve as soldiers and non-commissioned officers, they can help solve the staff’s problems from different perspectives and angles and are good helpers in the company. Based on their outstanding academic performances, three officers counseled the company on the field shooting in 2015 base examination and joint air defense and helped the company win the excellent score as well as 2015 Military Model Group. These showed that a complete military career plan could cultivate many excellent cadres in the military.