Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chuang, Chia-Hung from Military News Agency, Taoyuan, 1st)

    Commander of Army Command Headquarters Chiu, Kuo-Cheng hosted the monument unveiling ceremony for the “70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance against Japan” today. He gathered representatives of officers and soldiers, the Army models, and model groups to participate in the ceremony, hoping to remind soldiers of history of 8-year war of resistance against Japan and encourage soldiers to remember their duties and be responsible to safeguard the country and citizens.  

    In the morning, Commander Chiu visited Dahan Camp Memorial Park with Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Chuan, Tzu-Jui and Director of Political Warfare Bureau Lieutenant General Huang, Kai-Sen to host the monument unveiling ceremony. He encouraged soldiers to understand the implication of military virtue from 12 monuments and carefully think about the present and plan the future in order to be ready for various challenges. Commander Chiu indicated that the design of monuments was thoroughly considered. The front of main monument is engraved with “Monument for 70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance against Japan”, and the other three sides were engraved with “Know shame, Distinguish life and death, Be responsible, and Value integrity”, “Carry forward the Huangpu spirit, Fulfill military practice of loyalty”, and “Cultivate righteousness, Learn from perfect models”. These wordings allow soldiers to reflect on their position and value and pass down honor, bringing significant meaning to the monument.

    After the ceremony was ended, Commander Chiu visited 12 monuments with the guide’s instruction to understand 22 major battles during the war of resistance against Japan and feel soldiers’ resolution to fight against the enemy. Later, Commander Chiu went to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to host 2015 Recognition Ceremony for Veterans Day and All-out Defense Education Day. In the ceremony, he awarded 84 entities and individuals the Army Model, Model Groups, Citizen Model, and All-out Defence Outstanding Contribution Award, and encouraged them not to forget the intention and to maintain premium image and honor of national armed forces based on a higher moral standard and self-expectations.