Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Tainan, 31st)

    The alarm of dengue fever in South Taiwan has not been lifted. Almost 100 Army 39 Chemistry soldiers from the 8th Corp continuously cooperated with Tainan City Government to carry out the disease prevention today. Soldiers restlessly carried out the disinfection regardless of continuous thunderstorms. They hoped to make efforts to help local citizens prevent dengue fever.

    According to the latest statistics published today by Centers for Disease Control, the condition of dengue fever in Tainan continued to worsen, and the number of diagnosed cases has exceeded 3000. To prevent the epidemic condition from expanding, the 4th Combat Zone has mobilized more than 1000 soldiers for three weeks in a roll to support the local disinfection and disease prevention. In the morning, 70 Army 39 Chemistry soldiers carried gas disinfection machines to carry out the disinfection household by household along the route planned by the local health personnel.

    During the disinfection, Army 39 Chemistry soldiers formed groups of two to carry out the task. The local health personnel explained and communicated with residents before soldiers carried out the disinfection. Soldiers wearing masks and white protective clothing endured heat and sweat and diligently completed the task, which fully demonstrated the military spirit of safeguarding citizens and homeland.