Defense News


(Written by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, 30th)
Kaohsiung City Reserve Command held “2015 Reservist Sports Competition and Talent Recruitment” today. More than 2,000 reservists and family members from every city and county enthusiastically participated in the event, which helped promote the sports culture and gather coherence.
In the morning, the sports competition was held at the Republic of China Military Academy. In the opening ceremony, the representative led all Athletes to make a vow, and Marching Band of Marine Corps also brought an excellent performance. Later, representative teams consisting of cadres of reservists from all regions started competitions like a tug of war and the foot game.
In addition, talent recruitment stands and fairs were also set up. Specialists were responsible to provide information about military service for youths or parents who intended to understand the work pattern in the military, which allowed the public to understand the national armed forces and all-out defense and further love the country and support the military.
Kaohsiung City Reserve Command indicated that the reservist sports competition aimed to gather the coherence of military and civilians and strengthen the resolution of all-out defence. In addition, Kaohsiung City Reserve Command hoped that reservists could improve their physical strength and exert the spirit of teamwork in order to enhance the mobilization and coherence.