Defense News


(Written by Reporter Kuo, Chia-Liang from Military News Agency, Taipei, August 25th)
To strengthen the capacity for analysis of national defense, Ministry of National Defense held the 12th International Forum on Military Operations Research & Modeling Simulation today, hoping to improve the efficacy of simulation and war games. Through this forum, the Ministry built the communication bridge between the public and allowed citizens to understand the current status of research on national defense and improve the effect of all-out defense education.
The forum was held by Integration Assessment Division and National Taiwan University. In the morning, the forum was held at International Conference Hall in Lin-Ze Building. Deputy Minister Chen, Yung-Kang and domestic and foreign experts and scholars from the industry, government, the academia, and research fields jointly carried out discussions and experience sharing sessions.
Deputy Minister Chen indicated in the opening speech that the strength of national defense was the most important shield of national security. The improvement in the strength of national defense relied on the diligent and concise training; through the military operations research & modeling simulation, the training would achieve better results. He also indicated that the issue of military operations research & modeling simulation was the increasingly important major military policy and utilization. The adoption of war games and simulators during the operations drills has become the future trend of national armed forces worldwide.
Deputy Minister Chen emphasized that, in response to the global changing trend and the demand for preparedness, the topic of “the 12th International Forum on Military Operations Research & Modeling Simulation” focused on “Battlefield Simulation: Integration and Application”, hoping to find out the complete method of collection and analysis of environmental parameters and set up the integrated battlefield database through experts’ and scholars’ presentations and discussions.
Deputy Minister Chen said that Ministry of National Defense will continue to manage the latest development of military operations research & modeling simulation, introduce experiences and information from advanced countries, and apply them to the simulated operations analysis of various innovative/asymmetric weapons, hoping to maintain the fighting forces and safeguard the national security with limited resources.
In the forum, seven papers for three topics “Battlefield Parameter Collection and Simulation”, “Simulated Information Development and Application in Response to Different Operations Patterns”, and “Integration and Application of Modeling Simulation between Weapon Systems and Human Behaviors in Battlefields” were published. In addition, “Comprehensive Discussion- Trend and Development of Battlefield Simulation” was also carried out. Seven entities including Naval Meteorological & Oceanographic Office, Air Force Weather Wing, National Space Organization, and National Chiao Tung University showcased various types of battlefield simulation via the system and allowed participants to discuss and share experiences based on the end products.