Defense News


(Interviewed by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency)
In recent days, the national armed forces helped the prevention of Dengue fever in South Taiwan. Among soldiers, the 8th Army 39 Chemistry soldiers played the key role. Captain Chiu, the leader of disinfection in Fengshan, said that these soldiers served as the “disaster prevention pioneer” and exerted their strengths to guard nationals’ health.
Captain Chiu indicated that the unit checked equipment like gas disinfection machine, light disinfection machine, and backpack disinfection machine and participated in the training in order to face possible diseases. In addition, the unit continued to support equipment and forces in response to local governments’ needs in Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung and carried out the disinfection with local health personnel in groups. 
Ko, Yung-Cheng, who has participated in the prevention of avian influenza and Dengue fever for many times, said that the unit carried out training courses relating to the protection of diseases and disinfection. In addition to combat training and maintenance of national defense, soldiers strove to stay in the forefront of disease prevention in order to provide nationals a secure and healthy living environment.
Hsieh Hsiao-Ming from Kaohsiung pointed out that he passed his home when heading toward areas for disinfection in recent days. When executing the task, he deeply and continuously hoped that the family and neighbors could live in a safe environment free of Dengue fever. Thus, although the weather was hot and Hsieh was tired, he gladly endured the hardship.