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(Written by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, New Taipei City, August 23rd)
When Typhoon Soudelor struck, national armed forces working in Xindian and Wulai areas not only helped local residents restore the homeland, but also set up the positive image of “army of justice”, which made them receive praise from the society and nationals.  
Captain Tang, Kuan-Chun, a liaison officer from New Taipei Reserve Command stationing at Wulai, showed the spirit of caring for citizens and helped victims leave the mountain areas successfully. He well performed his role as a guardian of citizens. 
Shih, Ching-Wen, a secretary from the reserve counseling center in Wulai area who worked together with Captain Tang, Kuan-Chun in evacuating victims, indicated that the mountain behind the Wulai District Office collapsed suddenly at 5am on August 8 during the strike of Typhoon Soudelor. In addition, the communications were blocked and water and electricity supply were cut off in the entire Wulai due to many landslides and soaring streams. When trying to communicate with others, he received the report from Chou, Chih-Kang, Chief of Wulai Village that Wulai Old Street and Hot Spring Street were flooded and many road foundations had been collapsed. Moreover, some houses were struck by mudslides and required urgent rescue.
Shih, Ching-Wen said that Captain Tang, Kuan-Chun worked with special forces and fire rescue team to guide 107 victims and trapped travelers to leave the mountain, and he waited for the second round of travelers and residents and led them to leave the mountain.
Speaking of the impression on Captain Tang, Kuan-Chun, Shih, Ching-Wen said that Captain Tang was willing to help the community and usually cooperated well with cadres from the reserve counseling center.
Tang, Kuan-Chun was familiar with the grass roots and communities, so he could effectively guide the soldiers to help residents evacuate from the village, collect information about the disaster from the reserve cadres, and insist on reporting via satellite phone. His unruffled and calm personality was highly recognized by Minister Gao Guangqi and Chief of Staff Yen, De-Fa.
Currently, Tang, Kuan-Chun works for New Taipei Reserve Command as a mobilization liaison officer and dedicates himself to the service of reservists, recruitment, and disaster prevention and rescue. His diligent and responsible attitude toward work is recognized by officers of all ranks.