Defense News


(Written by Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh from Military News Agency, Taichung, 20th)
Today, Last two “The Heart for Eternal Peace” concerts were held at Taipei International Convention Center. President Ma,Ying-Jeou, Vice President Wu Den-Yih, Secretary-General of National Security Council Kao, Hua-Chu and Minister of Ministry of National Defense Gao Guangqi gathered with thousands of citizens to commemorate the hard time fighting against the foreign aggression. They deeply experienced the true meaning of “merciless war and invaluable peace” and cherished invaluable democracy more.
As this year is the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the War of Resistance against Japan &Retrocession of Taiwan, Ministry of National Defense organized this large musical based on the theme “The Heart for Eternal Peace”. This musical was presented in forms of music, theater, dance, and multimedia images. Liu, Yo-Min conducted the band to carry out a live performance. With MIDI electronic music and vigorous and gentle voice of well-known vocalists, the audience’s mind flashed back to the glorious history of the war where soldiers fought against the enemy to protect the national dignity.
In the first chapter “First Sino-Japanese War, Cession of Taiwan, Penghu”, cadets sang “Hu Ben Wan Sui” together. The lyrics described how soldiers and civilians fought against the Japanese army in the major battle. Through this song, the performers praised the arduous fighting spirit and great contribution to the peace in the world.
In the second chapter “War of Resistance against Japan”, the sad rhythm slowly paved the Japanese army’s outrageous aggression against China. Chinese responded to the nationalist governments’ call for the army and participated in the vast and most heroic war of resistance against Japan
Next, “Alliance, Retrocession of Taiwan” described the national armed forces’ cooperation with alliances to fight against the Japanese army. It highlighted the Republic of China as the subject of joining the combat league the maintaining the world justice as well as the joyful celebration of retrocession of Taiwan in 1945.
In the final chapter “Sustainable and Peaceful Future”, the pleasant music reflected the various political and economic constructions built by the nationalist government after moving to Taiwan. It celebrated the peace and historical inheritance as well as the effort to purse regional peace and stability.
At the end of the concert, the choir and all participating staff invited President Ma and the audience to wave the national flag and sing for the love for the country and land, marking the climax and perfect ending of the concert.