Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, August 18th)
Ministry of National Defense explained the planning of “Number 31 Han Kuang Exercise”, which aims to enhance the joint fighting force of the army, navy, and air force, in the press conference today. The Ministry emphasized that the exercise will validate the performance of “force transformation”, new tactics, and “Innovative/asymmetric” cyber-warfare defense, review the appropriateness of operational security plan, and enhance the joint operation command and combat capacity to achieve the comprehensive preparedness. 
Major General Chung, Shu-Ming, director of the Ministry's Joint Operation Division, said that the exercise will be held from September 7 to September 11 based on phases of “emergency operations”, “joint air defense”, “joint interception”, and “territory protection” . Soldiers will participate in the exercise in a form of joint operations and get familiar with the operational tasks and battlefields and improve the overall fighting force.
Major General Chung, Shu-Ming further indicated that the exercise of the navy and air force will be held in the combat zone in Taiwan Island and an offshore island based on the integrated plan. Based on the scheduled situation, the attach force will simulate the Communist army and induce the defense force to undertake on five-day exercise based on the form of “partition, simultaneous operation” and “actual force with partial combats” specified in the operational security plan;
Based on the phase of defense operations, the exercise validates 57 highlights, including the change to joint operation command, cyber-warfare defense, mobilization of reserve, mobilization of coast guards, joint air defense, interception, anti-ship shooting, anti-landing operations, and counterattack. 
Major General Chung, Shu-Ming indicated that the actual firing includes “actual operations at sea”, “anti-ship shooting”, and “joint operation of the army and air force”. In the “actual operations at sea”, the navy and air force will perform the air dense, anti-missile, anti-submarine, and anti-surface operation at surrounding waters to improve the capability of fleet air defense, sea mobilization and joint interception. Soldiers will use various kinds of heavy artillery to showcase the capability of anti-ship shooting in the “anti-ship shooting” held at the training field in Kengzikou, Hsinchu. In the “joint operation of the army and air force” held at the joint training base, Pingtung, the armed forces, task force from the army, and support craft from the air force will jointly perform the preemptive attack, joint firing, and pursue and attack in order to consolidate the fighting force.
Major General Chung, Shu-Ming emphasized that the national armed forces will uphold the principle of “concrete and strict operations” and perform their duties during the exercise to explore various issues of operations, fulfill the comprehensive preparedness, improve the overall fighting force, maintain the cross-strait peace and regional steadiness, and ensure the sustainable development of the country.