Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chou, Li-Hsing from Military News Agency, Taipei, August 16th)
Today is the last day of “2015 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition”. Although it was rainy, National Defense Hall attracted almost tens of thousands of visitors in total to witness the outstanding result of self-invented national defense technologies. 
“Start firing! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The most visitors waited to experience “light weapons firing training” from the army. With the guide’s instruction, adults and children waited in line to experience the recoil after pulling the trigger of T91Rifle and personally feel the power and excitement of shooting. The instructor indicated that this system was invented and developed by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology. Currently there are 16 sets of systems distributed to units for soldiers to practice shooting. 
In addition, flight simulator, F16 simulator, and helicopter simulator were also highlights among operation simulator systems provided in National Defense Hall and attracted many visitors waiting in line.
Diverse and abundant items were displayed in “2015 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition”, including “shore-based missile defense system”, “large unmanned aerial vehicle” “Sea Oryx Missile system”, and “Sea Sword II medium range anti-air modular missile”, which have been developed or under development, and received recognition from most media and citizens.
Every aerospace exhibition held at National Defense Hall not only allows citizens to understand the current status of national defense technologies and industrial development, but also attracts many manufacturers to place orders and seek for cooperation in research and development and production, fulfilling the goal of industrial upgrade and “autonomy of national defense and win-win result of the military and civilians”.