Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, Hualien, August 13th)
Deputy Minister General Liu, Chen-Wu thanked attendants participating in the recruitment seminar and encouraged them to continuously support the promotion of voluntary military service.
Ministry of National Defense held the “recruitment seminar” in Hualien today. Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces and Resource Division appointed specialists to elaborate the policy of voluntary military service. Through image advertising, participants may understand the supporting measures for “remuneration, dignity, and career planning” and the specific efforts made by the national armed forces to recruit and retain soldiers, and further support the voluntary military service.
Hosted by Deputy Minister General Liu, Chen-Wu, the recruitment seminar in Hualien invited representatives from military education offices in senior (vocational) high schools, Military Liaison Office, Ministry of Education, and indigenous entities in Hualien and Yilan area to participate in the seminar. Three image advertisements “Homeland Guardian”, “Refined National Armed Forces”, and “Pride of Military Uniform” and related propaganda were broadcast and delivered to gather the consensus and encourage young talents to join the army. 
Deputy Minister Liu, Chen-Wu awarded appreciation to participating entities on behalf of Minister Gao Guangchi and gave his respect to personnel attentively promoting the voluntary military service and encouraging students to join the army. Deputy Minister Liu indicated that the policy of voluntary military service depends on the joint promotion of every community. Ministry of National Defense held 130 recruitment seminars on campus in North, Central, and South Taiwan from this April to June in order to propagate the policy of national defense and information about the recruitment, which benefited the talent recruitment of national armed forces.
Deputy Minister Liu indicated that the government is striving to promote the voluntary military service in order to effectively improve the short period of compulsory military system and difficulty in maintaining the result of military training as well as preview changes in war patterns and technological development of weapons. In this critical period, Ministry of National Defense will uphold a practical attitude to continuously review and amend related policies and regulations, fulfill supporting measures for education and employment, achieve the goal of “voluntary military service”, and improve the overall capacity of national armed forces, so that citizens will understand the voluntary military service more and continue to support and recognize the national armed forces. Deputy Minister Liu also hoped that attendants may help promote the voluntary military service, so that the government can recruit outstanding talents with high quality, good adaptability, and strong willingness to join the army.