Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, Taipei, August 12th)
Ministry of National Defense will display air defense, sea control, and anti-landing weapons in “2015 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition” for four days. Welcome citizens to visit at National Defense Hall in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall to understand and witness technological and modernized results of preparedness.
This year, Ministry of National Defense focuses on “autonomy of national defense and win-win result of the military and civilians” to display the results of research and development of autonomous national defense and its technology invested by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology and National Defense University, and Armaments Bureau and allow the public to take a close look at and understand the technological development of national defense as well as the results of preparedness.
This year, National Defense Hall will display the current weapons and equipment as well as results of technological research and development of national defense. The exhibition areas are divided into “weapon and equipment”, “simulation system”, “R&D result”, and “talent recruitment”.
In the weapon and equipment area, various current advanced weapons and equipment in service are displayed, including IDF model, the antelope air defense system, and other 29 exhibits.
In the simulation system area, unmanned aerial vehicle, helicopter simulator, and other three simulation systems are displayed to demonstrate the performance of digital simulation. 
In the R&D result area, shore-based missile defense system, 5.56 mm multi-function special assault rifle, and other 50 exhibits are displayed. In addition, the talent recruitment area is also set up by Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces to provide and promote information about the recruitment of national armed forces, hoping to attract outstanding talents to join the army.
Ministry of National Defense indicated that Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition is held every two years. Welcome citizens to take this precious opportunity to actively participate in the exhibition at National Defense Hall and witness the results of technological research and development of national defense.