Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, New Taipei City, August 11th)
Today, Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao visited Gueishan Activity Center in Xindian District to understand the condition of disaster relief in Xindian and Wulai area and praise soldiers for their efforts. Minister Gao ordered the crop clear rocks and weights and guide traffic and urged soldiers to be careful and carry out the post-disaster rehabilitation in accordance with the plan of emergency response center.
In the afternoon, Minister Gao, accompanied by related officers, visited Gueishan Activity Center in Xindian District to praise soldiers for their efforts and listen to the report of Guandu Area Command on the progress of post-disaster rehabilitation in Xindian and Wulai area and the dispatch of soldiers and equipment.
Minister Gao recognized every unit which planned the preset troops beforehand and dispatched soldiers immediately to the disaster areas. Minister Gao ordered cadres of all levels pay attention to the operation of vehicles, especially in mountains of Wulai, where roads were bumpy and muddy, as well as the prescribed load of carriage.
Since soldiers engaging in disaster relief worked very hard, Minister Gao requested cadres to prepare sufficient logistical supplies for soldiers to carry out the task safely. In addition, soldiers should be dispatched flexibly and closely cooperate with the local government to jointly complete the post-disaster rehabilitation.
Secretary of Wulai Reservist Counseling Center Shih, Ching-Wen and disaster prevention liaison Officer Tang, Kuan-Chun effectively understood the condition of collapse and interrupted roads in Wulai area and led soldiers form special forces and related rescue personnel and equipment to carry out the rescue task in mountains. Minister Gao especially awarded them and recognized their efforts.