Defense News


(Witten by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency)
After “Typhoon Soudelor” left, the burning sun following the storm challenged special forces heading to mountain tribes for rescue task. Landslide and collapse caused by rain washes were everywhere. Soldier had to step into the mud and rubbles and traveled over collapsed roads to move toward the destination and provide assistance for victims. 
The local Sergeant Chang, Kuo-Ching from Special Forces was appointed to Fushan Tribe with the farthest distance before departure. Thirty minutes later, he bumped into his cousin Chang, Shih-Chiang. “Hi Cousin, here you are,” said Sergeant Chang. Indigenous people’s strong awareness of going with the flow and protecting the homeland made their encounter not seem accidental. They briefly exchanged information about road and disastrous conditions and moved toward separate destination, continuing to safeguard their homeland and loved ones.
In fact, Chang, Kuo-Ching has joined the special forces for six years. Yesterday (August 9th), he just finished the rescue task at Wufeng in Hsinchu. However, he has been worried about the safety of his homeland Wulai for days. When he knew that the troop would send soldiers to support the rescue task in Wulai, he voluntarily joined in the rescue team and headed to the farthest Fushan Tribe, where he lived.
During the march, he bumped into his cousin Chang, Shih-Chiang, who escorted his wife and children to the level ground and safeguarded the tribe alone. After Typhoon left, he rushed to meet his loved ones and encountered Chang, Kuo-Ching. In addition to joy, he admired the soldiers from Special Forces who always served in the front line whenever disasters came. He said thank you to soldiers and encouraged everyone to work together, which reflected his care and appreciation for “loved ones” and “national armed forces” as well as his will and determination to protect the homeland.