Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chen, Chien-Hsing from Military News Agency, Hualien, July 6th)
In response to possible influences caused by Typhoon Soudelor, Second Area of Operation coordinated with Emergency Response Center of Hualien County Government to complete the preparedness for disaster prevention in Hualien and Taitung based on the principle of “advance deployment, preset armed forces, and instant rescue”Although it was sunny in the afternoon in Hualien, Second Area of Operation cautiously paid attention to the status of Typhoon Soudelor at any time and completed the response grouping and examination of equipment according to the guideline of “disaster prevention is better than rescue, getting away from disaster is prior to prevention”. The preset armed forces were expected to be completed in the evening to protect people’s life and property.To complete various measures for disaster prevention, officers from Taitung Area Command have completed the preparedness for related personnel and equipment and visited local leaders and disaster rescue units for horizontal coordination and communication. Twenty liaison officers, 25 intelligence collection officers, 237 preset soldiers, and 29 medium tactical vehicles in six categories were dispatched.  Taitung Area Command indicated that grouped personnel and equipment have been separately stationed at Mazu Temple at Shangwu Village, Dawu Township, public works section at Taimali Township, Dawu Elementary School, Shashi Inn at Jinfeng Township, Donghe Township Office, Chenggong Town Hall, Zhihang Air Force Base, Yuehmei Activity Center at Guanshan Township, Fire Department at Haiduan Township, Chihshang Township Office, and Shengfeng Temple at Luye Township, hoping to instantly help the local government carry out disaster prevention and rescue and protect people’s life and property.